About Us

 Welcome to Poshhluxxe Hair & Beauty! We want our Poshh Dolls to feel luxurious and confident when wearing our hair.  Our hair and beauty brand was inspired by those who look for quality when shopping but at an affordable price.  What does it mean to be Poshh? Poshh means; to feel and be elegant or stylishly luxurious. or the quality or state of being elegant, stylish or upper class. 

Poshhluxxe wants your experience to be the luxxe in Luxury. We are a luxury hair and beauty brand who intends to cater to all.  

Our hair is resourced and imported from the Southeast Asian regions, taken from the best donors, to ensure the quality of our product. Each bundle is doubled wefted which prevents minimal shedding.  Our beauty products in which we intend to provide to you will be made from all natural ingredients to ensure protection to your skin and hair etc.  Our vision for Poshhluxxe Hair & Beauty is to grow this brand to its fullest potential to cater to all.  We embrace natural hair, to the versatility of wigs to bundles...Be luxurious, unique and confident when wearing Poshhluxxe.

Be a #PoshhDoll 

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